Item Type Variant Components Yields Notes
Machines Campfire 20 Wood Log

5 Flint

1 Used for cooking food, melting metals and staying warm.

Can be used only in the spot it is placed. Disappears when empty

Machines Firepit 20 Wood Log

5 Flint

1 Shaped Iron

1 Used for cooking food, melting metals, and staying warm.

Can be picked up with a Construction Hammer.

Machines Storage Locker 40 Wood Log

5 Shaped Iron

1 A Storage Locker. Has 40 item slots.
Machines Blast Furnace

50 Shaped Iron

20 Clay

1 Use for cooking food, smelting metals, and staying warm
Machines Fridge 60 Shaped Iron

20 Clay

5 Crude Coolant

1 Use this to freeze food so it won't rot
Machines Drill

50 Stone

20 Shaped Mondinium

2 Shaped Mondinium

2 Shaped Ultranium

10 Amber

1 Used to automatically gather resources,

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